Blok Victor Ruvimovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Kalyuzhny Boris Ivanovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Two interconnected macroeconomic models are considered. The first of these has to do with the military confrontation between the two countries, each represented by the military and civilian sectors – a model of the Cold War.The second model is devoted to the synthesis of optimal control, allowing less economically developed country to achieve at least parity in military competition, despite the mentioned economic backwardness. The problem of maximizing the military potential of this state at a given moment of time is considered. Shown, as in [2] that the optimal solution requires intensive development of the economic sector in the first phase, with a view to the future use of the accumulated economic potential for speedy military buildup.

KEYWORDS: macroeconomics, cold war, military parity, optimal strategy.

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