Chief Editor Foreword

The second issue of the electronic scientific journal “Sustainable Innovative Development: Design and Management” features four articles.

Doctor of Engineering, Professor Vladimir Kutergin examines fundamental issues related to mathematical methods of designing artificial objects. Author has an experience of creating real systems and their practical application. The article is among the other works by the author on the synthesis and theoretical substantiation of designing systems intended to create sustainable innovative development of the country. The article solidifies the necessity of development of the invariant methodology as a basic paradigm for presenting design process, description and analysis of artificial objects models and creation of applied theories of research, design and management on this basis. When an engineer designs a car, he creates a project according to which the company is planning to operate and so on; it provides the necessary freedom to achieve the goal of a proper quality of processes occurring in the system, based on the necessary diversity of development modes of the machine, the functioning of the enterprise, the ways of organization of activities.
Anton O. Aristov (CAD Department of Moscow State Mining University) considers modern methods of logistics to describe the functioning of the enterprise based on the standard IDEF0 models and data flows, compares these methods.
Helen Lifshitz (International University of Nature, Society and Man “Dubna”) presents the experience of the motivational potential of students study in order to improve the learning process. This research is essential for understanding the factors that affect the training for innovative development.
The article by Nino Kakorina, graduate student, and Denis Stadnik, Ph.D., instructor (CAD Department, MSMU) discusses practical issues associated with the use of Internet technologies for process control for organizations providing services in the field of information technology.

Chief Editor,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor
Petrov A.E.