Armensky Alexander Evgenievich, deputy head of Information-analytical center ―Nauka of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Kochubey Sergey Eduardovich, Academician of the International Public Academy of Environmental Safety and Environmental Management


The article is devoted to the issues of determining the causes of spiritual and socio-economic problems in Russia. Characteristic of the decadence of the modern world is the loss of understanding of the politico-social sphere as an organism that is closely linked to loss of sense of the true hierarchy, as well as materialization and mechanization of all areas of existence. Evidence of the disappearance or falsification of the true hierarchy is the assertion of the priority of socio-economic interests over higher values and principles. The country’s development vector is set incorrectly – as an increase in GDP. A person is not interested in increasing GDP and is not present in it. It is necessary to replace this indicator with the quality of life indicator, which is defined as the product of the standard of living by the average life expectancy. Any person will be interested in improving their standard of living (salary level) and life expectancy. It is necessary to break free from hypnosis, to return the economic problem to its legitimate boundaries, to restore the order in which the field of economics is subordinated to the sphere of higher values, so that human life can regain its true meaning and realize its spiritual needs.

KEYWORDS: spiritual and socio-economic disadvantage, quality of life, spiritual needs, mechanism, organism, hierarchy, vector of development of the country, economy, ethics.

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