About the journal


The journal “Sustainable innovative development: design and management” is a periodic electronic scientific journal.
The journal is published on a quarterly basis – four times a year – and is freely distributed through public global communications networks (the Internet). The journal does not have a printed version. The main language of the journal is Russian, additional – English.
Submission of manuscripts to the journal is free. Access to the journal is free of charge to users. The articles published in the journal are equal to printed works.
When citing the materials published in the journal, a link to the electronic scientific journal “Sustainable innovative development: design and management” is required.
Reprinting and distribution of materials published in the journal in full text form in any medium without permission of the author and the International University of Nature, Society and Man “Dubna” is prohibited.

The content of the journal thematically corresponds to the following Higher Attestation Commission scientific specialties:

  • 05.13.01: Systems analysis, management and information processing (by branches)
  • 05.13.10: Management in social and economic systems
  • 05.13.12: Computer-aided design (by branches)
  • 05.13.13: Telecommunication systems and computer networks
  • 05.13.18: Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complex programs

To learn more about publication policy, open access and publication ethics please refer to the Russian version of this page.