IDs of the articles in Informregister

Since 2010, all of the articles published in the journal are registered in the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific-Technical Center “INFORMREGISTER” and have assigned IDs.

Vol. 6 Issue 1 (2010)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421000115\0001 Bolshakov B.E., Shamaeva E.F. Introduction in the theory of management of innovations with the use of spatio-temporal quantities
2 0421000115\0002 Kalitin D.V. Designing 3-digit neurons
3 0421000115\0003 Skryl S.I. Training-research infrastructure to support mastering of innovative technologies of corporate it infrastructure development
4 0421000115\0004 Shadrov K.N. Strategy-2020: where we go

Vol. 6 Issue 2 (2010)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421000115\0005 Kutergin V.A., Shadrin A.S. Geometry of space models in infocommunicational networks
2 0421000115\0006 Timofeeva V.V. The methodological peculiarities of the management of the innovation educational complex
3 0421000115\0007 Dolgova Yu.I. The informatonal base for production planning on a machine-building plant
4 0421000115\0008 Kakorina N.M., Stadnik D.A. Cad of a web-portal in the management of business-processes of an IT-service organization

Vol. 6 Issue 3 (2010)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421000115\0009 Shokin Ya.V. The concept of «oikos» as a multilevel system
2 0421000115\0010 Kamneva I.J. The formation of the theory of management in educational systems
3 0421000115\0011 Kuzmenko I.N. V.I. Vernadsky’s ideas about the noosphere of the bases of the conception of sustainable development
4 0421000115\0012 Sokotuschenko V.N. The structural-energetic system of dimensions “SE”

Vol. 6 Issue 4 (2010)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421000115\0013 Kuznetsov O.L., Bolshakov B.E. Sustainable development: the universal principle of the synthesis of natural, technical and social knowledge
2 0421000115\0014 Petrov A.E. The tensor method by Kron, LT-method by Bartini-Kuznetsov and dual networks
3 0421000115\0015 Bolshakov B.E. The projecting of the basic tendencies of the world technological development

Vol. 7 Issue №1 (2011)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421100115\0001 Maslov S.G., Beltyukov A.P. Stratified terminology environment for scientific researches and education
2 0421100115\0002 Taysaeva V.T. Energy efficient technologies of life support with the solar heat supply systems
3 0421100115\0003 Rodina E.M. Sustainable development: what is the ecological strategy of the sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan
4 0421100115\0004 Yaskova N.Yu. New initiatives – the same mistakes

Vol. 7 Issue 2 (2011)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421100115\0005 Bolshakov B.E. Introduction to the science of sustainable development
2 0421100115\0006 Shamaeva E.F. Supportive system of decision-making in the management of novations
3 0421100115\0007 Hasanov M.H., Toropova K.M. Adaptive “approach X” to the problem of implementation of the system of co-measure of benefits in economics in kW and the agreement of business members’ interests
4 0421100115\0008 Knaub R.V. Assessment of sustainable development indicators for Tomsk region

Vol. 7 Issue 3 (2011)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421100115\0009 Bolshakov B.E. Fundamental and applied problems of the sustainable development management
2 0421100115\0010 Petrov A.E. The tensor method by Kron, LT-method by Bartini-Kuznetsov, dual networks and dialectical contradictions
3 0421100115\0011 Shamaeva E.F. Methodical providing of monitoring and novation assessment in the projecting of regional sustainable development with the usage of different measures
4 0421100115\0012 Maslov S.G., Beltyukov A.P. The active stratified terminological system
5 0421100115\0013 Knaub R.V. Assessment of the basic indicators of sustainable development as exemplified by Tomsk and Tomsk region in a historical context
6 0421100115\0014 Protopopov A.I. Management of the industrial process on the basis of the sustainable develoment theory and principle of “deedocracy”
7 0421100115\0015 Speranskiy A.A., Galushkin Yu.A. Credible knowledge as a conception of the eco-technological monitoring in sustainable innovative development (part 1)
8 0421100115\0016 Kuzminov A.S. Energy efficiency standards and labels as a tool for a normative regulation of energy efficiency improvement of household appliance

Vol. 7 Issue 4 (2011)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421100115\0017 Egorova M.Yu. Discovery as a key factor of sustainable development: problems and prospects
2 0421100115\0018 Bolshakov B.E. System of universal measures – laws in the science of sustainable development
3 0421100115\0019 Ginzburg V.E., Kibalnikov S.V. Overview of technological problems of a sustainable development of the human civilization from a position of perveance e-optics
4 0421100115\0020 Kochetov V.V., Nikitin A.N. Noospheric technology of sustainable development
5 0421100115\0021 Sulakshin S.S. The management of development success of a compound social system
6 0421100115\0022 Bajzakov S.B. Currency-financial system’s problem of development
7 0421100115\0023 Speranskiy A.A., Galushkin Yu.A. Credible knowledge as a conception of the eco-technological monitoring in sustainable innovative development (part 2)
8 0421100115\0024 Butzev V.S. Nuclear physics technologies are in the interest of sustainable development
9 0421100115\0025 Knaub R.V. Methodical foundations of socio-economic and ecological aftermaths’ complex assessment of natural and technogenic emergency situations with Tomsk region as an example

Vol. 8 Issue 1 (2012)

No. ID Author(s), article title
1 0421200115\0001 Doronina O.D. Sustainable development approach as an effective mechanism of improving the quality of human life
2 0421200115\0002 Bolshakov B.E., Salnikov V.G. The problem of commensuration of security and sustainable development on the basis of the general laws of nature: idol and ideals
3 0421200115\0003 Bolshakov B.E., Shamaeva E.F. Design of regional sustainable innovative development at different levels of control objects
4 0421200115\0004 Popov E.B.. Design of the regional sustainable development in the southern federal district including assessment of problems and innovations for the Rostov region
5 0421200115\0005 Knaub R.V. Regional sustainable development of subjects of the Siberian federal district

and so on.