Sukhonos Sergei Ivanovich, Candidate of Engineering, director of “RusAtlant”, coordinator of innovative movement “Avantgarde”


The article describes the logic of the global evolution of life and humanity, based on a phased (3+1 phase) development of life phase space and the development of large-scale floors, ranging from viruses and ending with the Dyson sphere. The latest trend is to increase the size of the strict periodicity of living systems in increments of 105. It is shown that both trends determine the logical inevitability of humanity’s expansion to outer space and the development of the solar space. A new kind of energy can be mastered only after the creation of a new type of society, based on the harmonious union of all civilizations as a planetary community. The author predicts that the main creative force for this new type of society would be Russia. This conclusion is based on the geographical location of Russian civilization and its tradition of synthesis of various societies into one harmonious whole.

KEYWORDS: stages of biosphere and human expansion into phase spaces, plasma, new kind of energy, space exploration, new social formation, Russian civilization.

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