Subetto Alexander Ivanovich, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Engineering, professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, vice-rector for education quality at Smolny University of Russian Academy for Education, senior researcher at the Center for Monitoring the quality of education at Kostroma State University named after N.A. Nekrasov, President of Noospheric Public Academy of Sciences, member of the Presidium of Petrovskaya Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the Board Council of the International Foundation named after N.D. Kondratiev


In this paper, the author examines the current state of the Arctic and the prospects for its development in the context of the concept of noosphereism, based on the teachings of V.I. Vernadsky on the transition of the biosphere in the noosphere. The possible dangers associated with the development of the Arctic region are highlighted, as well as the main vectors of activity in the Arctic, corresponding to the concept of noospherism and environmental and anthropic features of the region, are proposed.

KEYWORDS: Arctic region, sustainable development, noosphereism, peoples of the North.

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